New Era is a full service yacht brokerage offering new and used yachts, a listing service for consignment sales of used yachts, and all related assistance necessary to assure a pleasant and efficient purchasing experience.

Our Commitment: Customer satisfaction is our primary objective. We’re interested in a long-term relationship, not a single sale. The majority of our business is from returning customers. We will take the time to get to know you; we tailor the transaction depending on customer preference. Above all, we offer value and professionalism.

Financing: New Era recommends financial institutions that specialize in marine financing based on individual customer needs. Once the customer selects the lender, New Era will coordinate with the lender's needed vessel related data in support of the loan. If the vessel is documented, we will provide the lender required data to support this activity. New Era works with marine lenders every day. We have considerable leverage and can often negotiate better terms than an individual buyer, so don’t hesitate to ask for our assistance.

  • Insurance: We know and work with most of the good Marine Insurance companies with offices in the Bay Area and on the California Delta. We can make recommendations to our customers and coordinate information related to the purchase and the vessel, as required.
  • Escrow: New Era controls the escrow of purchases consistent with the California Department of Boating and Waterways recommendations and requirements. Our sales personnel are licensed by the State, as is our brokerage. All funds are deposited in dedicated accounts and disbursed per approved transaction statements.
  • Commissioning and Preparation: New Era has for many years worked with local sub-contractors and yards to perform a wide variety of marine service activities. We coordinate activities such as cleaning and polishing to major machinery rebuild and replacement. We take the time to ensure that all new yachts are in excellent condition and ready for delivery. On used vessels, we provide the buyer with a list of surveyors, review the survey requirements, and schedule repairs for the buyers.
  • Used Boat Listing: New Era is an active listing agent of all types of used boats and yachts. We work with owners who list with us for a specified period and price. To start the process, the listing agent will ask for a preliminary boat description. From that description, an appraisal will be prepared from standard reference material (usually NADA or BUC Research) and comparable sales will be identified to aid in setting the price. The agent will immediately prepare advertising for the Internet as well as target media. To protect your interests, agents showing the boat will escort potential buyers at all times. Machinery and electronics will not be demonstrated until a valid offer has been made and accepted. All offers will be submitted for seller consideration. New Era will cooperate with other brokerages (share the commission) immediately upon listing which is not a standard industry practice but we believe it is in the best interest of or customers.
  • Documentation and Registration: The lending institution usually performs vessel documentation as a service to its customers. New Era works with these lending companies or with specialists to assure complete and legal ownership transfer. If the vessel is to be registered with the state, New Era will assist with the registration process for the same purpose. We guarantee legal ownership transfer regardless of transaction type.